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Serenity Path Coaching


What Does coaching consist of and how will it benefit you?

My Coaching Services

As a Professional Mental Health and Relationship Coach, I am dedicated to helping individuals such as yourself find and maintain peace within yourself, your relationship, and your life. I focus on two aspects of coaching, with one being mental health coaching which focuses on self-love and healing while addressing personal challenges that affect how you think and feel about yourself that also affect other areas of your life such as the ability to form healthy relationships. I address issues and concerns that may consist of stress, anxiety, depression, grief and trauma and struggles with self-esteem/perception and work on healing from the inside out and discovering what it truly means to love yourself so you can allow others to love you.

The second aspect is relationship coaching as we focus on strengthening intimate relationships, family relationships, and most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself!

As your personal coach, I will assist you with setting and meeting healthy goals, and establishing healthy boundaries while making adjustments as needed to improve your quality of life and build better relationships with yourself and/or your partner! I will also hold you accountable for making the necessary changes needed to live a life of fulfillment and one which you have desired to bring satisfaction into your life.

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