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Serenity Path Coaching 

Hi there! Nice to meet you! Here at Serenity Path Coaching we offer Therapy and Coaching! I know you may be wondering, hmm… is there a difference between the two? Well, yes there is and as a coach with a clinical background I am able support my clients from from both lenses of methodology regardless of which service you decide, we'll work together to achieve goals that will lead you to success and life long skills to improve your overall mental health and wellness.I will have below the difference between therapy and coaching to support you with making the best decision for your needs!



  • Credentials: A therapist must have an advanced degree and a license to practice therapy.

  • Long term treatment

  • Therapy focuses on mental health and is rooted in past and present experience that may impact your mental health functioning.

  • Therapy involves mental health treatment where you and your therapist work together to understand mental health concerns and develop plans to address them.

  • Therapy includes specific treatment modalities to treat the individual mental health concerns.

  • Therapy focuses on mental health disorders and examines them by symptoms, severity, frequency and examine to what extent is the individual is affected emotionally, mentally and if it interferes with occupational functioning.

  • Therapy focus on clinical  symptoms developed from depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, adjustment disorder, social anxiety, anger, relationship challenges and much more….

  • Therapy is a more extensive process and may require more sessions to work to accomplish desired goals for overall mental health maintenance.


  • Short-term treatment

  • Coach only needs a certification in the field in what they are “coaching” but must complete extensive hours of training.

  • Coaching supports you with gaining deeper insight in areas that may influence stress and interferes with daily functioning.

  • Coaching addresses nonclinical symptoms such as emotional challenges, stress, burnout, decision making, health and wellness and provides skills and strategies to support you if you should encounter similar challenges in the future.

  • Coaching helps clarify goals, values and purpose.

  • Coaching is a collaborative effort that provides you with guidance on how to overcome challenges and build a more fulfilling satisfying life that you desire.


  • Are highly trained and have their own individual specialties and areas of expertise.

  • Provide a new way of thinking to influence positive behavioral changes.

  • Focus on the individual needs and wants.

  • Focus on health and wellness while creating long-lasting behavioral changes.

  • Focus on goals set by the individual client themselves.

  • Provide a safe non-judgmental supportive environment.

  • Approach treatment from a client centered approach.


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